Security planning

What are three areas that security plan should address? Describe each?

The three areas that security planning has to address include the assets needing protection risks facing the assets as well as resources needed for protection. Good are property possessed by an organization, group or individual and must be vulnerable to insecurity. Risks are the potential dangers facing the assets while efforts and resources are the material as well as none material input an organization or an individual allocates to protect the assets of electronic surveillance systems.

What are the difference between a fully functional 13 step systems development life cycle (SDLC) and a fully functional 3 step SDLC?

The main outstanding difference between the two is that a 13 SDLC takes and goes through all steps in system development while reducing the risks in system development. On the other hand, the three steps SDLC suppresses part of stages only to concentrate on main steps. 3step model, therefore, never aim at managing the risks.

Discuss the three critical resources that are linked to business success when focused on business driven technology.

The main IT resources for business success are namely the people, information, and business information technology. Business people referrers to all key players in a business environment like customers, contractors as well as the supplier. Therefore, people explain both the external as well as internal business persons who are owners. The business information refers the useful business data after going through the process of conversion for proposed of making business decisions. On the other hand, information technology includes all tools, techniques as well as applications critical for the business to have smooth operations.

Describe the systems theory model and give one example how it works.

Systems theory model gives a clear total organization analytical background of all its operations. For instance, decision-making system theory model puts emphasis on organization interactions with external stakeholders. It, therefore, provides comprehensiveness of threats and opportunities to the organization giving response strategy to solve the issue.

Discuss some common it metrics for strategic initiatives and how they get measured.

The IT metrics critical to strategic initiatives encompass, supply chain metrics, website metrics, customer relationship metrics, enterprise resource planning metrics as well as business process re-engineering metrics. Website metrics gets measured by abandoned registrations, conversion rates; unique visitors as well as shopping cards. Supply chain management metrics, on the other hand, get measured by back orders, inventory practices, and customer order real cycle. Customer relationship management metrics takes sales metrics, marketing metrics, and service delivery metrics.

How do Ethics apply to Information Technology? Provide two specific examples of information ethics.

Ethics applies to the information technology through utilization of use of informatics while ensuring no harm to others. In information technology, privacy, as well as intellectual property rights, remain key information technology ethics.